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How to use your baby sling or baby carrier

Sling instructions at Little Possums

Sometimes it can take time and practice to work out exactly how to use a particular sling or carrier. At Little Possums we try to do everything we can to make it easy for you. Here are some detailed photo instructions for some of the carriers available here.

Sling Instructions on the Web

For links to video instructions for all different sorts of slings and carriers go to Sling Guide. You should be able to find just about anything you are looking for there! If not you can also try the links given below.

Wraparound Carrier Instructions

Wraparound Instructions at Calin Bleu
Some great photo instructions showing lots of different wrap tying methods

Video instructions at the Sling Station
Links to various video instructions on You Tube

Stretchy Wrap carrying positions from Kari-me
This shows the different carrying positions for a stretchy wrap.

Ring Sling Instructions

Ring Sling Troubleshooting Tips from the Babywearer
Having problems with a ring sling? don't give up until you've checked out this link. Really excellent instructions that should help you get to grips with your ring sling.

Video Instructions for the Maya Wrap ring sling.
Step by step video instructions for all carrying positions with a ring sling.

Ring sling and pouch instructions at Zolowear
Huge range of picture and video instructions for pouch and ring slings at Zolowear.

Pouch Sling Instructions

Pouch sling instructions from Hotslings
Everything you need to know about using a pouch sling on the Hotslings website: Cradle Carry, Front Carry and Hip Carry

Mei-tai Instructions

Mei-tai instructions from Kozy Carrier
Photo instructions showing lots of different tying methods and positions for a mei-tai.

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