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Testimonials from our customers

If you've been happy with the service we provide and the products that we sell, please tell us about it. We love hearing from satisfied customers who love their slings!

If you're happy for us to quote you on here please email us your comments with 'testimonial' in the subject line.

"Just a quick email to say the wrap arrived this morning and it is WONDERFUL!
I put James into it at midday when he wouldn't settle in his cot and it was so easy to figure out, and he slept straight away. We went for a long walk and pub lunch and he was really happy. It's definitely been one of my better motherhood purchases. Thanks very much!"

"I just wanted to say thanks and give you some positive feedback. I use my stretchy wrap every day with my 10 week old baby girl. It's especially useful when taking my older children to and from school and nursery. In bad weather it's so much nicer having her strapped on warm and dry before I even get out of the car.
I have had lots of comments and questions about using it from other mums at Baby Clinic and from pregnant friends, I always recommend Little Possums. I'm just sorry it took until my third baby to find you!"

"I received my Close Baby Carrier today and I wanted to let you know that I think it is wonderful. What a fabulous design and so easy to use. Many thanks, I’m really pleased with this purchase."

"Thank you so much for all of your advice and superfast delivery! I'm totally in love with my slings, as is my baby, and I have no idea how Mums manage *without* them. They're good for me - I can make myself a cup of tea! - and great for him - he's a really settled, happy little boy and I'm convinced slings have played a big part in that."

"I honestly don't know what I would've done without my kari-me when my daughter was new, certainly nothing that involved more than one hand anyway! She didn't like being put down, and the kari-me was a lifesaver when I wanted to make a nice dinner, shop online or hang out some washing and I loved being able to look down at her peaceful little face snuggled into my chest. I soon realised that it was amazing for calming her when she felt fractious too.
My kari-me is living in Australia with my sister and her baby at the moment, but one thing's for sure, if I decide to go for a second baby, a good sling would be top (and maybe bottom) of my things-to-buy list."

"I've had a wrap and a back carrier from Little Possums and found your service and attention to detail to be efficient and informative. After sales support (eg. on coping with a back carrier and a big chest!) has been excellent too. But best of all, both my children have loved their forms of transport - with Maya being especially pleased that they named a wrap after her!"

"I first discovered Little Possums four years ago, when my eldest child was about six months old. People on a parenting forum were raving about a soft carrier for their older babies / toddlers, so I got one too (fab speedy service) and then was hooked on baby carrying! Throughout the last four years your website has been a mine of information about baby carrying. I've recommended the site to friends (and strangers!) who I know have been just as pleased with their slings and carriers as me. Little Possums is certainly a sling specialist!"

"I have been absolutely delighted with the service and products I have bought from Little Possums. My first purchase was a kari-me, which was the most wonderful sling I have ever used. In the early days with my daughter it was the most useful and practical piece of baby equipment I had. My daughter loved being snug and close to me, and she absolutely loved it when I put her into the sling. In fact I was sad when she outgrew the newborn carry position and was able to sit up more in the sling.
I went on to also buy a mei-tai and an ellaroo mei-hip sling, both of which I used to death. As a result of my love of slings I never needed a double buggy or buggy board even though I only have 2.5yrs between my children. Slings were a godsend! The service from Little Possums was always second to none. I am more than happy to recommend them, and regularly do!"


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