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Pouch SlingsPouch Sling

What is a Pouch Sling?

A pouch sling is one of the easiest type of slings to use. The pouch sling consists of a sash of fabric which you wear on one shoulder. The sash is doubled over on itself forming a pouch which you can just pop your baby into. No clips, buckles, rings or tying! Suitable for a tiny newborn or a toddler these are very versatile slings and can be used in a great variety of carrying positions.

Check out our photo instructions to give you an idea of just how easy and versatile a pouch sling is!
Toddler Hip Carry



Tri-cotti Sling *now 100% organic*

Age range: newborn (or prem baby) to toddler
Weight range: birth to 33lb (15kg approx)Tri-cotti baby sling
Positions: cradle (nursing), upright facing in, upright facing out, on the hip

The Tricotti Sling is a very popular, compact and easy to use baby sling. It actually consists of two separate pouch slings (as described at the top of this page). You wear one on each shoulder which gives superior back support and weight distribution than a single pouch sling.

The Tricotti Sling offers all the carrying positions that a wrap does (cradle (for nursing) facing in, facing out, on the hip), but has the advantage that you can just pop it on with no need for tying and no long trailing bits of fabric to deal with. As with any pouch it is important that you get the correct size to ensure a comfortable fit.

Perfect for use with even the smallest newborn the Tricotti is a lovely choice for a first sling. However the Tricotti Sling also lasts well as it is still comfortable for carrying older heavier babies too!

The fabric of the Tricotti Sling is a soft thick cotton jersey which is machine washable and made with non-toxic dyes.

Tri-cotti Sling Sizing

The Tricotti Sling comes in three sizes:

  • small - to fit women size 10 approx
  • medium - to fit women size 12-14
  • large - to fit women size 16 plus

Please note that if you are very petite then even the small size may not be suitable for you as it may not give a snug enough fit.

Tri-cotti Sling Fabric Information

The Tri-cotti Sling is 100% organic cotton and is currently available in black, chocolate brown, cherry red, sand and petrol (teal) blue.

tricotti blacktricotti browntricotti redtricotti sandtricotti petrol (organic)


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Coorie Fleece Pouch Sling 

Age range: newborn (or prem baby) to toddler
Weight range: birth to 35lb (16kg approx)

Coorie fleece pouch sling

Positions: cradle (for nursing), upright facing in, upright facing out, on the hip

The Coorie Pouch Sling is incredibly quick and easy to use so perfect even for a sling novice. You just pop it over your shoulder, put your baby in the pouch and you're good to go! Beautifully made in a fleece fabric the Coorie provides a snuggly cuddle for your baby and a comfortable hands free carry for you.
Suitable for newborns but still handy for a toddler who is tired of walking the Coorie is a very handy sling to have. Folds up small enough to fit in a bag and can double up as a blanket on a car seat or in a buggy.

The Coorie Pouch Sling can be used in a variety of positions, cradle (suitable for breastfeeding), upright facing in, upright facing out (kangaroo carry) or on the hip. The Coorie Pouch comes with a really detailed instruction booklet which shows all the different carrying positions.

As the Coorie Pouch isn't adjustable the sizing is crucial. If you and your partner are very different sizes you may need to order one for each of you.

If you're a fan of the Coorie and you have an older child - why not get them their own mini Coorie so they can sling their dolly/teddy? These make a fantastic gift for an older child with a new baby in the family!

Coorie Pouch Sling Sizing - As the Coorie is non-adjustable it is important that you buy the correct size, otherwise it won't be comfortable for you.

To get the perfect fit you need to measure from the outside of your shoulder to the top of your opposite hip bone taking the tape measure diagonally across your chest. Then match your measurement to the table below to see which size you will need.

Size 2: 56 - 61cm (22-24 inches)
Size 3: 62 - 66cm (24-26 inches)
Size 4: 67 - 71cm (26-28 inches)
Size 5: 72 - 77cm (28-30 inches)


Coorie Pouch Sling Fabric Information

The Coorie Pouch is made from 100% polyester fleece and is currently available in rainbow stripe, earl stripe, charcoal and black.

rainbowearl stripecharcoalblack

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This item is being discontinued and we only have limited sizes/colours available.

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