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Organic Baby Slings and Carriers

This page of our website is reserved for baby slings and carriers that are certified 100% organic. These slings and carriers also feature on the main product pages by sling type, but we have listed them together on this page with links directly to each product, to make it easier for customers who particularly want to buy organic.

All our prices include first class P&P within the UK!

Why Buy Organic?

Conventional methods of cotton farming make it one of the most significant environmental polluters in agriculture. In order to produce enough cotton for one normal wraparound sling it is estimated that well over 2 pounds of fertilisers and pesticides are used. These chemicals pollute soil and water, kill wildlife and have a significant negative impact on the health of cotton workers. Research also suggests that residues in fabrics left behind from chemical processing may be absorbed through the skin.

Organic cotton is generally softer and stronger than conventional cotton because the fabric has not been subjected to harsh chemicals during processing and dyeing. If you choose to buy organic cotton you are making a positive choice for the environment, for cotton growers and also for you and your baby.


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