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Wrap Instructions
Pocket Wrap Cross Carry - the basic tying method for any stretchy wrap-around carrier.

Shown here using a Kari-me. The baby here is placed in the tummy to tummy position. However the tying method is the same for the cradle hold and the facing out position.

 Wraparound Carriers

Kari-me 1 Kari-me 2
Start with the middle of your fabric in front of you. Take the ends round to your back and up and across the opposite shoulder. Bunch the fabric up a bit as you go to make it more manageable, but make sure you don't get any twists in it.
Kari-me 3 Kari-me 4
Pass both ends down between the waist band (the middle part with the label on) and your body. Cross them over and take round behind you. Wrap around your body until you get close enough to the ends to tie a double knot. You can tie this at the front, back or on your hip - whichever you prefer.
Kari-me 5 Kari-me 6
Put your baby up on your left shoulder and put her left leg through the shoulder strap, and then through the waist band as shown. It's usually easier if you reach through with your hand from underneath and then pull her leg through. Swap her to the opposite shoulder and do the same with the other leg.
Kari-me 7 Kari-me 8
Now pull the fabric from the shoulder straps up and across to support your baby. Do the one that is closer to her first (it will depend which way you crossed them over earlier on), if it's hard to tell by feel at first, check in a mirror. Then pull the waistband (the bit with the label) up to provide extra support.
Kari-me 9
For a newborn you leave their arms tucked in and support their head with one of the shoulder straps, just turn their head gently to one side. For an older baby you can leave their arms out if they prefer.

 Wraparound Carriers