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Maya Tie Instructions
Front Carry - perfect from birth

These instructions show you how use the Maya Tie on the front. This position can be used from birth.

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Maya Tie 1 Maya Tie 2
Start with the carrier tied around your waist hanging down like an apron. Use a double knot for safety. Put your baby on your tummy and pull the carrier up behind their back. With a newborn leave their feet in a 'frog' position against your tummy, with an older baby their legs can go outside (one each side).
Maya Tie 3 Maya Tie 4
Bring the shoulder straps over and cross them behind your back, make sure the fabric doesn't get twisted. If they are spread wide it will be more comfortable for you. Bring the ends round to your front and twist them in the middle of your baby's back, then take them back round to your back and tie in a double knot.
Maya Tie 5
You can fold the top curved edge of the carrier down to support your baby's head better, this pulls them in a little closer to you.

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