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Ergo/Patapum Instructions
Getting your baby on to your front in an Ergo Baby Carrier or Patapum Baby Carrier

Some people seem to find this tricky at first, so we've made some detailed photo instructions to help you get the hang of it!   The carrier shown in these pictures is a Patapum Baby Carrier.

 Soft Structured Carriers

Patapum baby carrier 1 Patapum baby carrier 2
Fasten the waist strap so that the carrier hangs down your front like an apron. Before you start make sure that the shoulder straps are quite loose and that the chest straps are reasonably high up the padded part of the shoulder strap as shown. If they are too low, or if the shoulder straps are too tight the chest strap will be hard to reach. Hold your baby on your tummy so that their bottom is in line with the top of the carrier. Spread their legs around your waist.
Patapum baby carrier 3 Patapum baby carrier 4
Pull the fabric up between your baby's legs, making sure that both the coloured and the black part of the strap goes above your baby's leg. Supporting your baby with one arm all the time, slip the straps over each shoulder.
Patapum baby carrier 5 Patapum baby carrier 6
Lean back slightly and reach behind your head, you should be able to reach the chest strap and do it up. If your baby is very wriggly it might be advisable to do this over a sofa or to get another adult to help, especially the first few times you try this. Now tighten both shoulder straps to draw your baby in close to your body.

 Soft Structured Carriers