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Wrap instructions, Front Cross Carry
A simple front carrying position shown using a 4.6m Ellaroo Wrap

It can be helpful to practise this in front of a full length mirror at first so you can see what you are doing better.   These instructions were designed with beginners to wraps in mind.   If you have any problems following them feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help.


Ellaroo Wrap cross carry 1 Ellaroo Wrap cross carry 2
Start with the middle of the fabric in the small of your back. Take each end up and across the opposite shoulder to form a cross, as you do this you can bundle the fabric together to make it more manageable, just make sure you don't twist it.
Ellaroo Wrap cross carry 3 Ellaroo Wrap cross carry 4
Cross the ends behind your back, making sure the fabric doesn't get twisted, and bring them back to the front.   Trap the first end between your knees while you bring the second one round. Now pull the fabric out a little to leave enough space to fit your baby into.  With a little practice you will quickly learn how much space your baby needs.
Ellaroo Wrap cross carry 5 Ellaroo Wrap cross carry 6
Tie the ends in the front using a reef knot (double knot). Now pick up your baby and put each leg through one side of the cross.
Ellaroo Wrap cross carry 7 Ellaroo Wrap cross carry 8
The bit where they cross over should end up under your baby's bottom. Find the top edge of the inner part of the cross and pull it up and across your baby's bottom.   As you pull it across make sure it goes right under both buttocks to form a nice comfortable seat for your baby.   Also pull it up nice and high to support her back.
Ellaroo Wrap cross carry 9 Ellaroo Wrap cross carry 10
Now do the same with the outer part of the cross.   If you find it hard to remember which bit you need to pull up first practise in front of a mirror, once you've done it a few times it gets easier to feel what's going on. For younger babies, if it's very cold, or if your baby is sleepy you can tuck her arms in too.   Once your baby is in securely check that the fabric is spread evenly across your back and shoulders, this will increase the comfort for you.