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Ring Sling Instructions
Tummy to Tummy Carry

These instructions show the way that most right-handed people would use a ring sling.  If you are left handed you may find it more comfortable to wear the sling on your other shoulder so reverse all the left/right instructions here.
The ring sling used in these photos is an Ellaroo Lightly Padded Sling.

 Ring Slings

Ellaroo baby sling 1 Ellaroo baby sling 2
Put the sling on as shown. Pull it fairly tight, leaving just enough room to lower your baby into it. &nbspLeave the rings quite high on your shoulder, they will move down as you tighten it. Lift your baby up on to your left shoulder.
Ellaroo baby sling 3 Ellaroo baby sling 4
Reach up through the sling with your right hand and guide your baby's feet through. &nbspMake sure the lower edge of the sling is behind their knees. Pull the fabric up behind your baby's back.  For a younger baby pull it right up behind their shoulders and neck and tuck their arms inside the sling too.
Ellaroo baby sling 5 Ellaroo baby sling 6
Support your baby's weight with your left arm while pulling through any slack. Still supporting your baby's weight locate the edge which corresponds to the top edge of the sling and tighten this separately to ensure your baby's back is well supported.
Ellaroo baby sling 7 Ellaroo baby sling 8
Spread the fabric over your shoulder and across your back.

 Ring Slings