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Wrap Instructions
Hip Cross Carry

These instructions show you how to do a hip cross carry which is a comfortable carrying position for using with older babies and toddlers. The wrap used in these pictures is a Rebozo length Ellaroo Wrap.
This carrying position can be done with a longer wrap too but you'll need to wrap it round your waist a couple more times.


Hip Cross Carry 1 Hip Cross Carry 2
Start with the wrap on your right shoulder, you want slightly more hanging down in front than behind so you end up being able to reach to tie the knot. Cross the two ends on your hip as shown. Make sure you don't get any twists in the fabric.
Hip Cross Carry 3 Hip Cross Carry 4
Tie in a knot on your hip. Leave just enough slack so there will be room to put your baby in, you'll soon get used to how much you need to leave. Lift your baby and put her left leg through the fabric going across the front of your body.
Hip Cross Carry 5 Hip Cross Carry 6
Now put her right leg through the fabric which is coming round from the back. Pull the fabric coming across your front up to support your baby's back, spreading it well under her bottom.
Hip Cross Carry 7 Hip Cross Carry 8
Now do the same with the fabric coming round from the back.