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We hope you're liking Little Possums new look! Please bear with us while we update the website, let us know if you encounter any issues and we'll do our best to get them sorted out asap.

Little Possums is a family run business based in the UK. We sell a huge range of comfortable, beautiful and stylish slings and baby carriers from around the world. As well as purchacing our products, you can now hire them and 'try before you buy' or take advantage of our payment plan options to spread the cost of your carrier! 

At Little Possums we offer expert and independent advice on choosing a baby sling or baby carrier that is exactly right for you and your baby. So please get in touch with any questions before buying your baby sling.Calin Bleu Wrap

Shop for baby slings and carriers online at Little Possums and see our fantastic range of products. We are confident that you will find a sling to suit you and your baby or toddler!

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 New to Baby Slings?

Beco Gemini

    Why not start by reading one of our comprehensive articles on         how to choose a baby sling?

    Or find out more about the benefits of carrying your baby in a                 sling or baby carrier.

    If you're feeling overwhelmed by the choice of baby slings               available and don't know where to begin; our Frequently Asked         Questions page is a great starting point. It is full of useful                 information if you're new to baby slings and need advice.


Why use a sling or baby carrier?

Calin Bleu ring slingCarrying your baby in a sling has many benefits for both parent and child.

“Wearing" your baby in a sling or baby carrier keeps your baby close to you. This meets your baby's need for physical contact, security, stimulation and movement, all of which promotes optimal brain development in the baby and helps to encourage bonding between parent and child.

While carrying your baby in a sling or baby carrier you have your hands free to do other things that you need or want to do. Especially useful if you have an active toddler on the go all day!

Using a baby sling or baby carrier can help to support successful breastfeeding, is fantastic for soothing unsettled newborns and is great fun for older babies or toddlers who like to be up high where they can see the world and interact with people around them.

The advantages are endless, so go ahead and discover the joy of babywearing!




A-Z of all our baby slings and carriers
BB Slen | Beco Gemini | Beco Soleil | Calin Bleu Gauze Wrap | Calin Bleu Fleece Wrap
Catbird Baby Mei-tai | Caboo Baby Carrier | Connecta | Coorie | Cuddly Wrap
Ellaroo Sling | Ellaroo Wrap | Hippychick Hipseat
Hotslings Adjustable Pouch | Kari-me | Maya Padded | Maya-tie | Maya Wrap
Moby Wrap | Moby D | Patapum Baby Carrier | Patapum Toddler Carrier | Pikkolo | Scootababy
Storchenwiege Ring Sling | Storchenwiege Wrap | Tricotti Sling
Tricot Slen | Wilkinet Baby Carrier

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